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Sustainability at Dapto Community Farm

Worm Farm 

Composting with earth worms, also known as vermiculture, is a great way of using up garden and organic kitchen waste to increase the fertility of your soil.


Seed Saving

Members are encouraged to save seeds from their plants. Spare seeds are available for use by all members. 

Dapto Community Farm hosts Illawarra SeedSavers meetings.




At Dapto Community Farm we have always composted our weeds in a communal heap. When it was big enough we added manure and then turned it mechanically, watered, and then covered it with plastic sheeting. Some members prefer to do their own composting on their own plots, using compost bins, and this has also proved very successful.

Since we hosted a workshop on Composting from Wollngong Council, we have changed our composting methods.

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