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Community Contribution

Dapto Community Farm has a community contribution scheme that actively supports and recognises contribution made by members to the farm, to other members and the community at large.

Make Contribution S.A.S.S.Y.

If you want to contribute by volunteering for activities or posted jobs, consider being S.A.S.S.Y... Safe, Aesthetic, Saving, Secure, You

Yellow Life Saver


Make sure you take appropriate safety precautions when doing the job and you have a safe working area. The finished job should be safe for everyone including the elderly, children and people with limited mobility

Scenery Icon


Let's make the result look neat, tidy with a little bit of cool. A coat of paint, a storage solution that declutters or removing stuff that we just won't use are all examples of how we can make our farm look great for us and our visitors.

Piggy Bank


We all like a bargain so when  tackling a job, think of the most cost effective way to get it done. We don’t compromise safety, but we can get a little creative like asking a store for a donation for a Community Farm.

House Icon


Equipment can be stolen and vandalised, so protect them with some security. Maybe a chain, lock, padlock or secure locker to keep our assets from walking away. Ensuring cameras and surveillance signage are conveniently located is also a great deterrent

Illustrated Family


It starts with you so find a way to make it fun like getting the job done with other members, friends or family. After all the work is done enjoy a meal together knowing you have done something to make the lives of other people a little happier.

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