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Sale of Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are available on a weekly basis from "Blue Acres Farm", a "farmer run" farm gate market.



Local and seasonal produce​


Our market is run by farmers, so we try and grow what's in season for our local conditions - as nature intended, but from time to time some produce is bought down from Sydney market , still seasonal, but may not be grown reliably in our farm.

Together we provide a selection of fruit and veg that you can be sure are fresh and chemical free.

How does it work ?

We are only online at the moment, but are looking to have a store up and running by the end of February. In the meantime please use our online ordering system.

  1. We send out a weekly email and SMS describing what's on offer in the week

  2. We are online so always ready to take your order.

  3. Place an order by Tuesday night and we pick fresh on the Wednesday.

  4. Pickups are Wednesday and deliveries are to your door on Wednesday night

Contact Information

Frank Marzano 1300 687 944

Email is

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