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Plot Reviews

As per the Weed Management Policy, the Plot Manager undertakes a review of all our 268 individual plots and using a traffic light system, each plot is coloured GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE or RED signifying weeds or non compliance to the Growers Guidelines.

Members then have prescribed timeframes to rectify any issue to minimise impact to other members.

The Plot Manager then uses a priority based system to send a notice to one or more members where the impact of a members plot affects others. 

September 2022

The September review is scheduled for Sunday 4th September 2022. 

Our first review . More than half the plots are either green or yellow. But some work to be done in July to remove plots that are Red and Orange

A huge improvement in the quality of plots. We have more green than red yellow and orange combined. Well done to members who have been busy bees during the month

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