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Help Produce a Graphical Guide for Members

We could use help with a side project to provide a graphical guide for members on how to be a thoughtful member. We need more pictures and videos to be able to communicate and have a big impact with our diverse community that come from different cultural and education backgrounds.

We have created a looping Google Slideshow that is on the website and can be sent to people using a link. One of the slides has been completed with photos, so you'll get the idea for the others.

We have also translated each of the section headings to Burmese using Google Translate. We need a member of the Burmese community to verify that the words match the eventual photos

I just need someone to fill in the blanks with "before" and "after" photos. Is this something you can help with? Or perhaps you can work in pairs to get the photos.

This activity is assigned 5 TripleC points.

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