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Wedding Flowers at Dapto Community Farm


Thank you,  Dapto Community Farm for helping me to grow the flowers for my daughter’s wedding.


The day of the wedding turned out to be stormy and grey, but the flowers that I grew were like “stored sunshine”  and they brightened up the room at Port Kembla Surf Club!


Jenna and Cam got married in April 2013. I rented a bed at the Community Farm and started growing the flowers in December 2012. I prepared the beds very carefully, adding compost, lime and other good stuff before planting. I was quite anxious about getting things “right” because I had never grown flowers before.

I did lots of research and chose to plant zinnias and dahlias.


Everyone at the garden was really friendly and helpful – I felt like everyone supported these flowers to grow!

They were ready on time for the wedding. We put a bunch on every table and they looked fabulous! We had a beautiful wedding, Jenna and Cam were very happy.


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