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Wanting a little plot of paradise for your family veggies ?

Dapto Community Farm offers members the opportunity to rent small , medium and large plots to grow their vegetables. If you don't have a place to grow veggies, then there is a plot waiting for you.


Wanting to buy seedlings for your own garden ?

Wanting to buy some healthy seedlings for your own garden or community plot ? Dapto community farm sells seedlings to the public every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 12pm 

Welcome to Dapto Community Farm

Dapto Community Farm is located in the southern suburbs of Wollongong NSW Australia just 90 kms south of Sydney. Here approximately 70 members grow a variety of vegetables, fruit, flowers and herbs according to organic principles.

The property consists of 2 ha of formed concrete garden beds 30 m – 80 m in length. Water pumped from the nearby creek delivers water to all areas of the property via underground pipes. There is a kitchen where vegetables can be washed, a packing room and members' toilets.

The aim of the farm is to encourage involvement with growing organic food, so providing the opportunity to explore the benefits for individuals, the community and the earth.


Visitors are welcome to drop in at any time. Why not come along and see what we do?

Pop in any time and one of our members will be able to show you around.

Part beds can be rented from as little as $12 a month.​​


How can we help ?

Looking to become a member or already a member, we hope you find what your looking for here. 

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