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Life Members Honour Roll

Life Member status represents a member's long standing  contribution to the farm, the other members and the wider community.


They should be recognised for their consistent dedication to contribution, for their efforts that go above and beyond the norm and a demonstrated desire to be improving the farm each year.


Life Members are more than about contribution, they are ethical, fair, trustworthy and a champion for people's rights. They place the benefit of the farm ahead of any benefit to them

What is a Life Member

A Life Member Award is a significant award and only members that have shown to be highly ethical, demonstrated exceptional long standing contribution and consideration for the farm, its members and the community at large. Only members that have consistently demonstrated these qualities are considered.


At the Spring General Meeting, the committee will call for nominations for Life Member awards. These nominations will be provided in secret by the members present and collected by the Secretary or their nominated person. Members not present will also be able to nominate prior to the General Meeting using a paper or online nomination form which goes to the Secretary or their nominated person.


Nominations usually close 14 days after the Spring General Meeting and then the committee will convene a special committee meeting for the purpose of reviewing all nominations.

Nominations and awards for Life Members can be dealt with posthumously.


At this Special Meeting the committee will review all nominations and consider the
contribution, ethics and character of each nomination. A vote is run for each nomination to determine if a Life Member Award will be granted to that member.


For voting to take place, there must be at least 8 committee members (not just a corum) of committee members present and the vote must be carried unanimously for the nomination to be considered awarded. For clarity, committee members that are also nominated will abstain from voting for their own nomination and the  remaining members must vote unanimously for the vote to carry.

Award & Recognition

Life Members are recognised with an engraved plaque at the Farm Family Day and have membership to the farm for the entirety of their lives without the need for paying a membership fee. If they rent a bed, then Life Members will continue to pay fees for the use of the plots.

A Life Member Honour Roll will be updated with the names of all Life Members and this Honour Roll will be provided on the website for members, friends and family to see. In respect of remembrance, a second engraved plaque is also secured to the concrete wall of a garden bed nominated by the member signifying their contribution to the farm and their status as a Life Member.

Awards for Life Members can be dealt with posthumously, in which case if awarded, a close friend or family member is invited to attend the Farm Family Day and the
award is then received by them on behalf of the past member.

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